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Benda yang ibu mengandung tak sedar…

Hello everyone,

I just wanna share with you guys my only boy’s photo. He is my golden boy. That is what I call him.F8898CA3-D823-4486-95F0-1A78DCBD8CF3

Since he was born, I have decided that my family is enough. So, mommy doesn’t have to become pregnant again.

Pregnant with him was super smooth. The easiest!! Pheww.


Not much morning sickness like the previous 2.  I wasn’t that fussy with food. Atleast I could eat or smell meat and chicken being cooked. As for the previous 2, I could only eat vegetables as the smell of meat being cooked made me threw up.

I think it is very IMPORTANT for pregnant mom to take good care of her health first and foremost. As always, we are the caretaker for the whole family.


Being pregnant never slow us down from being mommy.

Thus, pregnant mom can get super exhausted fast. Being exhausted has nothing to do with being ‘manja’.

It is a sign that your body needs rest. Your child is growing and your body needs energy to support his growth.

You should listen to your body. It demands calories and healthy food. It needs more nutritions to support baby’s growth.

I personally suggest that pregnant mom supplements wisely.


With us being super busy and superwomen, we  need the optimum nutritions to keep us energetic. Exhausted mom could mean you just don’t get enough nutritions. Your hb could be low because lack of iron, vitamin C, folic acid in your daily food.


Siapalah nak makan daging banyak2. Nak makan kekacang banyak2? I know I dun. Nak makan setiap hari pulak tu. Uwekkk😩.


Sebab tulah badan kita jadi kurang iron. Jadi anemic. Jadi cepat letih.


Jadi letih ni bukan bermaksud kita manja tau. You don’t have to blame yourself and push yourself too hard. What you need is to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST. Take care of your baby. Supplement yourself with good quality prenatal supplements.


When I was pregnant with my first child, I thought my daily nutritions were enough. I didn’t take extra supplements except from the clinic for my hb. I became tired and more depressed. With work, work and work.


I was working as a doctor in Selayang Hospital.


With night shift and all, I kept vomiting during Icu round. Depressing!!!

Super tiring.

But I hate pills.

My specialist/boss, suggested for me to take omega-3-fatty acid which is good for baby’s brain development and eyesight.

Then, I started taking neurogain which I bought in pharmacy. It was expensive and lasted for a month. Mahal nak mampuih!!


Tapi hanyir gilaa. I muntah lepas ambik. I terpaksa tutup hidung bila nak telan. Tapi demi baby, I paksa juga.

First pregnancy was a trauma. Because I refused to try Shaklee prenatal set. Eventhough so many of my friends who are doctors, suggested Shaklee prenatal set. They took during their pregnancy. I was stubborn. I thought it was a waste of my money. Kedekutnya!!


Untuk diri pun kedekut. Untuk anak pulak tu. Apadaa!! Shame on me!!


Anyway, second pregnancy was worse!!!

I cannot tahan with night cramps yg jadi lebih byk sb I tak ckup kalsium. Padahal minum susu hari2. Tak cukup kalsium lagike??

Masa tu I tried Ostematrix and ESP. Beli dari Dr Maryam. Told u doktor ramai ambil Shaklee. Kawan I ni dah makan Shaklee masa tu more than 3 years. I nak try sb tak tahan sgt dah dgn kepenatan masa tu. So I trust when she said she took prenatal set and was happy with the result.

So I started taking ESP for energy and ostematrix for calcium.

Alhamdulillah, after second night, no more legs cramp. I was so happy with the result.


I had no more that fatigue and exhaustion. I was cheerful again. I could perform at work. Takdelah nampak macam manja ke letih ke. Atau mengada-ngada. Hanya org yg faham saja akan faham penatnya mengandung ni tau. Bukan mengada tau. Tapi memang penat. So bila korang penat, janganlah biarkan saja. I suggest sangat uoll ambil ESP dan ostematrix semasa pregnant.

Selepas I ambil set prenatal masa mengandung anak kedua tu, I happy gilee!! I tak rasa macam pregnant tau. I felt more energetic than before pregnant. That is the power of good supplements.

So mommies out there, I wish to educate women about good nutritions and health. It is so important but many people still are not aware of the benefits of supplements when you don’t get good food everyday.

Noah is my last child. My golden boy. He is so big that he looks like a 3 year old but he is just 1 year and 4 months. He could walk at 12 months and he didn’t just walk. He ran!!! Dia takde tatih2. Dia terus lari at 12 months. And the next month, he started climbing and swinging. Hahahahaa. He is super strong. You don’t want to wrestle with him or get kicked by him. This guy is like MMA wannabe.

Strong legs and strong punch. Not sure about his future but looks like he is not the soft type despite his super fair skin.


Anak-anak I alhamdulillah kulit cerah. I think sebab I minum ESP banyak sangat masa mengandung.

Kakak saja kuning langsat sikit. Masa tu belum ambil Shaklee lagi. But its ok. I love her all the same despite the skin tone😉. They are all the same too me. Beautiful and precious.



Noah my 3rd child with Chenta Kamelia my second child.


We just bought cars for them to play.



Kat Chow kit banyak gila kedai kereta dan basikal. Murah gilaa!!! Korang tgk kedai lain mahal nak mampuih kereta2 ni. Tapi kat Chow kit kurang RM 200-300 jugak tau. Nasib baiklah tak beli kat tempat lain.


If you guys wish to try Prenatal set Shaklee, please contact me and I will help you until no more exhaustion in pregnancy. I’ve been there and it helped me in all pregnancy afterwards.

Bisnes Shaklee · Rumah impian

You do not know where life will take you…

Touch up kitchen work is going on…..

Making a home is a process.


Harini kontraktor wood work datang measure untuk buat pintu kayu louvres.

After survey we finally found someone to do our woodwork with good price. Read cheap price, uhuk uhuk but good work.

We have been looking for somebody to go to for all woodwork.

You know somebody that when you decide to build a cabinet and he can do it well without breaking the bank.

F38FD0C9-402F-4971-BE85-44ECFE0B1045.pngActually most work has been done. This is just a few additions such as home office with pantry, bathroom vanity for second floor. That will be where people go to for touch up. We decided to upgrade the look.

We talked more this time with D since this is our second meeting. Husband told him that he used to live in one of the kg in Gombak when he was little.

And Dean said from there to here. Wow!!

So husband said that we started from below too. Everyone does. It is part of the business journey. But with business, life can go very far.

He said that he and wife used to drive around this area to see houses.

We said, we did too.

So I added,’everything start with a dream. Looking at beautiful houses spark your dream. From there, you will set a target. And you will work so hard to do the impossible. So driving around to see beautiful house is a great start. We started from there too’.

When I started this business I didn’t think I could have this life. I was just doing business to earn a good money while working a flexible time.

Basically what I wanted was to switch a job from being a busy doctor to another job which pays as much but I get to stay with kids at home.

That was my target. It had nothing to do with buying a villa. People do things to keep a living. It was a choice at that time to meet month end.

It wasn’t to be well off and so on.

But life is full of surprises.

You don’t have to be born on a silver platter to change your life. But u have to have the right attitude. You have to be willing to work hard and sacrifice somethings to achieve that dream.

You have to be stubborn enough to root for yourself even when nobody stand with you.

You must believe in your dream before anyone starts believing in it.

With that iron spirit, anything is possible in life. It is the most magical thing about life.

It is unpredictable.

It response to hardwork and smartwork.

So work hard. Learn new things. Ask questions.

Believe in your dream.

health · Skinny journey


Do u know how hard it is to start exercising after u stopped for so long??

It is breaking the bad habit itu yg susah.

That long months of pregnancy and having large appetite and being immobile. Suddenly u gained 15kg and u need to loose it!!

And u never gained that much in ur usual days.

Imagine nak loose 15kg when u were never a fat person.

Tgk angka pun rasa mcm give up aih.Banyak gilaaa ni!! Penatnya nak turun.

Dulu setakat naik 3-5kg max tu alahai. Diet pun turun.


After anak sorang


This time no!! My metabolism hates me. U can go to black hole stupid metabolism.

Okay why is ones metabolism becoming slow??

First of all because age factor. U r not that young.


After anak 2 org…


Second of all because u have not been active for so long. So ur metabolism went down and down. Metabolism reacts to ur daily activity.
The more active u r the more calories u burn. So metabolism needs to supply u with energy. Thus the combustion increased.

When u work by sitting down or lying down all the time, there is only ur brain that actively working. Yes, thinking needs energy but that is the only thing that is actively moving.

Ur whole big skeletal muscles are resting well. Sedapnyaaaa..

So ur body knows that u dun need that much energy. Thus, metabolism can slow down. Rest metabolism. U just rest.

Exercising early in the morning can kick up ur metabolism for 10% more for the rest of the day.

Does diet really works? Yaaa. But that depends.

Like my husband commented that I don’t eat that much. He ate more.

So if I diet, that will be like starving.

I eat rice very little and only during lunch time. Suku suku separuhla katakan.


After anak 3!!!


But yes, what I need is to kick up metabolism. Which means, move my butt to exercise.

Owhh bencinyaaaa nk start balik.

Set detox pun I tak konsisten. Masa anak kedua, I tak diet pun. Hanya ambik set detox dan soend 30 minutes cycling stationery bije like 3x in a week. In 3 months, I got my pre baby bod back.

This time, I dun even take detox set consistently. My whole schedule is haywire.

It feels like I am somebody who has a new bad life routine and I have to change it.

From a thin person to fat person. And from that fat person to change to becoming thin is like someone who has to start something new in her life.

It is like someone starting a business. Benda baru. Thats why ppl who start business, 80% will quit. They cannot be consistent. Because consistent needs discipline.

So, dun worry when u quit because that is the formula. Majority will say they want to succeed in business and become rich. But they only say it. They cannot live it.

And that is why fat people stay fat. When a fat people need to lose weight, it is like them starting a business.

Might as well they do business. Duit pun dapat. Maknanya they r doing a difficult thing but not impossible.

It just need you to be discipline and toughen up.

But still, being fat is dangerous. It can kill you. It is something u should fight to change. It is ur live and u have to control ur live.

I do admire mommies who make time to workout. Amazing!!! It takes discipline to be consistent in working out.

First, let me summon the gym junkie old Cip. U have to come and save this lazy butt Cip. U won’t recognize her anymore. She is so lazy that it is amazing that u n her used to be one person.

She used to wake up at 6 am and run around city of Volgograd 10km per day. And continue walking to main campus just to burn extra calorie. She must be crazy!! And went to the gym right after class.

Having only 1 day off every week.

These days, gym sebelah rumah je weh. Tak pergi2. Lalu dan bai bai je. Bongok betul.

Shame on u. Kalau u kena serangan jantung, jgn ckp u tak tahu. 😠

Omg I mcm ada multiple personalities pulak. Crazy women.

I think I have gone crazy.

But today, will be a start for this crazy women (I spoke like I have many persons inside me) to take charge of her life in term of living a healthy life.

Slap me now.

And that is the reason why I cannot be pregnant again. This 3rd time, I had no motivation to lose weight at all. Not like previous 2. Jap je dh kurus ni.

So if 4th baby, I might die being overweight. So no 4th baby for me.

Cukup2lah rezeki anak 3😂


Gonna share with u guys here my fitness and skinny journey.


Between u and me, hubby and I have passed 2 tickets to US in July fully sponsored by Shaklee Malaysia. We just came back from Mediterranean cruise last September. It was super exciting. Only the 2 of us honeymooning. It was luxurious. I will share with u all about it in another post. Told u I have so much stories to tell.


Anyway, I told hubby, I dun want to go to US looking fat. I won’t look stylish. Since US is in my bucket list, I should look my best.


Make sense or not my reason to lose weight? Hahaha. Well, a reason is a reason. As long as it  motivates u to change, just go for it💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻.


Alright, c u guys in the next post.

Rumah impian


As I was thinking, what to share…. since I have loads to talk about and to share…. hmmm I do not know where to begin.

Hmm let me start with kitchen cabinets. Hahahaha. Since I have recently moved into our newly bought house, so I am kind of ecstatic about the kitchen.

But bear in mind it is not ready yet. It is being built in the factory. They are waiting for the door from solid wood factory to be ready and to fix them onto my cabinets.


ok. I did go quite extravagant on the kitchen. And husband rolled his eyes at the quotation.

But, this is my dream kitchen. Kalau I dapat yg lain, I takkan puas hati punya. Which means, dalam masa beberapa tahun, I am sure I akan tear it down and build my dream kitchen juga.


Pay double. Lagi rugikan. Tulah yg I bagitahu hubby. Lebih baik kita buat terus my dream kitchen.


Okay korang kalau tgh survey pasal kitchen cabinets ni mesti tahu harganya sgtlah mahalkan.


Sebenarnya ada banyak materials.


Melamine, laminate, solid, glass, aluminium. Maybe ada banyak lagi I pun tak sure. Haritu ada designer kitchen bagi I design untuk leather ke membrane coated cabinets. Tak ingat dah tapi I tak minat.


Kalau nak bajet sket, melamine ok.


Kalau nak tahan lama, kena spend sket untuk dapat yg mahal. Sebenarnya nak buat kabinet ni kita fikir bajet dan ketahanan, baru kesukaan.


Takkan kita nak buat kabinet, lepas masak, kena air setiap hari, lepas 5 tahun dah kena tukar. Bayangkan??

Murah tu memang murah masa dapat quotation, tapi kena tanya dari segi ketahanan. Pastikan korang dapat yang tahan. Unless u tak masak. Just nak masak air ke kan. Urban. Tapi Cip mmg kena masak hari2! Husband I style suka makan kat rumah and nak bini masak.I macam bini kampung gitu. Wanita Melayu zaman berzaman.

Anak-anak pun ramai. Campur 2 bibik lagi. Memang ramai rakyat dalam rumah ni.


Jimat bila masak. Plus husband sayang.


Hahaha tula point I masa I bentang kenapa kita perlu bayar that much for this kitchen.

’Sebab ni workstation I. I penatlah bila kitchen tak organize. Nak terbongkok-bongkok ambil besen, periuk. I perlukan island yg ada sinki supaya I boleh potong2 sini. Kemudian besen semua dalam drawer bawah I dan periuk pun dalam drawer bawah island. Bila nak ambil barang, I just pull drawer dan tak perlu bertinggung. Dan I nak kat mana I nak masak, semuanya I capai disitu. Tak perlu jalan ke sana sini cari barang. So I akan bersemangat nak masak hari2. Taklah rasa macam tugas setiap hari’.


Korang pernah rasa mcm Cip rasa tak?? Potong kat sini, pastu nak kena p ke fridge ambik barang. Pastu brg tu ini smua kena jalan sket.

Bila org dtg rumah, kita masak byk2 so kita penat. Bukan penat memasak tapi penat berdiri dan terbongkok ambil barang mcm periuk dan besen. Kita masak byk besen sb byk laukkan.


So husband pun finally rasa since ni my workstation and hubby tau sgt how much I tak suka masak. But he loves my cooking. Tak nak makan masakan bibik🤦🏻‍♀️.

He agreed.


I love classic kitchen. Bila classic ni mestilah solid wood. Sebab nak buat bidding dan moulding. Itu yang mahal tu😩.

Laminate tak boleh buat mcm tu.

Kemudian nak island lagi. Island pulak sekali dgn dining. So memang panjanglah island ni.


Gambar dari google.

Ni antara sumber inspirasi Cip. Bayangkan semua within reach. Senangkan?? ❤️❤️


Gambar dari google

Just imagine, we turned on the stove and pull the drawer, choose our suitable pot.

I used to think mom had too much pots. Nak buat apa banyak2kan??


Bila kita dah besar, kita pulak perlu banyak pots. Sebab nak masak bila ada tetamu. Tak boleh masak periuk saiz harian. Now I understand why mom has too many collections of pots.


Gambar dari google.

Hubby and I love this tiles. It looks like wood but it is actually tiles arranged in herringbone style. It makes it look like natural wood. So we got tiles like this too.



Gambar dari google

I went through blogs and articles on the color trend for 2018 and 2019. Finally I came out with this new kind of blue. Nampak macam grey tapi blue.


Sekarang memang trend color ni. They called it Benjamin Moore Hale navy.

Ala, greyish blue je bahasa simple.

Asalnya ktrg nak black tapi takut kitchen nampak tak besar pulak. I tak pilih white cabinets sebab I dah banyak kali duduk rumah yang pakai kitchen white. Lepas masak saja terus kena spray Basic H. Kemudian I akan biar untuk 2 minit sebelum I lap counter top. Kalau tidak, ada stain kuning bekas minyak terpecik kat kabinet. Orang Melayu pulak kalau masak ada cili blendla, ada kunyitlah, stain weh.

Kalau masak western senang sket. Tapi takpelah kalau uolls pakai kitchen kabinet white, make sure U guys buy Basic H and prepare in kitchen. No hassle!! Sekejap saja beb.



Lepas masak, u just spray sikit dan tinggal. Dahlah organik. Tak merbahaya dan tak beracun. Sesuailah untuk spray kat kitchen. Bayangkan kita spray bahan kimia beracun untuk cuci counter, kemudian anak kita makan tumpah atas counter. Dia kutip masuk dalam mulut. Sama macam anak kita telan bahan detergent kita guna untuk mencuci tu. Bahaya!!


Hati-hati tau. I memang obsess sikit bab kesihatan anak-anak.

White cabinets ni cantik.Nampak suci saja.

Cuma kena rajin2 lap kabinet tu. Seminggu sekali u just spray dgn Basic H 1 drop dan mix dgn air. Letak dalam botol spray dan spray. Takyah gosok2, just lap saja dgn kain, walla!! Hilang! Buat total cleaning seminggu sekali.

Tapi, kalau korang tak lap kabinet putih selepas kotor, u biar saja, sayang sangat. Stain tu lama2 susah nak hilang tau. Sayang sgt. So jagalah harta kita. Dapur ni tempat kita prepare makanan. Kena bersih. Cip kalau pergi rumah org, akan tgk dapur org. Kalau celah2 sinki tu bersih, maksudnya org tu memang pembersih.Sebab hanya org pembersih saja perasan nak cuci celah2 sinki.


Mesti orang baca ni tak mau jemput Cip datang rumah drg dah🤣. Tapi seriusla kita masak kat dapur. Dapur mesti bersih. Dapur ni melambangkan keperibadian kita. Biarlah dapur tak English classic ke, atau diy ke, janji bersih. Nanti I tunjuk dapur diy I dulu2. Comel sgt.

Korang pernah tgk dapur mapley? Memang tak lalu nak makan kalau tgk. Sebab tu Cip tak suka mapley. Bukan eksyen. Tapi masa Cip kerja sebagai doktor klinik Mediviron dulu, ramai org kalau cirit birit, I tanya semalam makan kat mana? Dia jawab mapley.


Anyway, back to kitchen ni….

Disebabkan Cip dah bertahun2 pakai kabinet putih, kali ni untuk rumah sendiri, Cip pilih kaler yang tak stain.


Hale navy. Love it!!



Gambar dari google.

Island panjang….. I plan to chop chop kat island dan pusing terus chaaaaa kita tumis. Fridge dekat, sink sebelah, semua dekat. And ada lagi…..


Depan island tu ada tv. Sebab chef suka layan cerita Korea kat netflik. Boringlah I masak sorang2 kat dapur. Asyik sembang dgn bibik saja. I selalu masak cepat2 sebab boring.


Sampai bibik tegur I masak cepat sangat. Kalau tunggu lagi lama lagi sedap. Tapi since Cip masak dah sedap walaupun Cip cheat masa tumis so on, Cip carry on saja. Tapi kalau nak lebih kick, kita kena tumis lama2 dan masak lama sket.

So lepas ni I tumis sambal tunggu naik minyak tanpa boring sebab ada drama Korea. Weeeehuuuuu!!!! Best gilaaa!!

And husband boleh duduk kat kerusi tu sambil main telefon. Maybe I patut letak like a couch untuk husband tido situ. Sebab hubby suka baring. Dia tak suka duduk sgt. I rasalah sebab all the time dia suka baring je kat couch or katil. Macam takde tulang belakang gitu. Hahahaa.

Orait, kena tambah couch untuk husband baring kat kitchen. Noted.

Told u this is my dream kitchen.😂


Sebab tu island tu panjang. Ia adalah gabungan tempat chopping dan tempat makan.


Sambil makan sambil layan Korea?

And I can also do my work here. Imagine I cek sale performance RYG kat island ni. Best gilaaa!!!


Nanti semua org cari mommy kat mana??

Mommy kat kitchen la😂😂😂.


Gambar dari google.

So ID pun draw kitchen idaman Cip….


InsyaAllah hujung bulan ni dah siap pasang. Kitchen goddess will be back in action. Senteng lengan baju💪🏻💪🏻.

Tak sabar sebenarnya. Pejam mata bayar. Tak nak pikir hahaha. Sebenarnya pikir dan pikir. Tetap nak juga. So bayar saja.

Nanti dah siap pasang, Cip share kat sini ok😉.


Sekian post meraban hahahaha.

Anyway kalau korang berminat nak order Basic H untuk kitchen korang, boleh contact Cip. Murah saja Basic H ni. Tahan berkurun lama pulak tu😉.




Bisnes Shaklee · Rumah impian

Cinderella Shaklee

Dalam Cip sibuk sibuk tentukan interior design rumah baru, Cip ternampak gambar kenangan Cip 2 tahun lepas. Tetiba rasa syahdu dan terharu.

Sungguh Cip tak pernah sangka Cip akan berada pada tahap sekarang dalam hidup ni. Walaupun Cip bekerja sebagai seorang doktor sebelum Cip fokus buat shaklee, Cip dah set dalam diri yang Cip akan hidup sebagai orang sederhana. Gaji doktor memang bukan orang susah tapi bukanlah boleh bersenang-lenang.

Tak pernah Cip impikan akan dapat rumah idaman kami iaitu banglo di kawasan elit. Jiran-jiran kami semua jauh lebih tua dari kami. Bukan senang nak beli rumah mewahkan.

78B054B5-B4FE-42BE-A20A-A453989C6A1EBaru 2 tahun lepas kami masih menyewa di sebuah condo 900 sft. Walaupun kecil, sewanya sangat mahal utk kami pada ketika itu. RM 1600 sebulan. Ishk ishk mahal sungguh bila fikir balik. Nak bajet duit gaji sebab nak bayar tanggungan bulanan lagi. Semuanya tinggal kenangan.

D9F5DCB1-02E1-425E-87BC-25442D2CDC7ATapi kenanganlah yang kita simpan untuk kita kenang kembali sejauh mana kita melangkah. 2 tahun Cip fokus untuk buat Shaklee, alhamdulillah, segalanya sangat berbaloi. Jika diputarkan masa, Cip akan pilih untuk buat Shaklee jauh lebih awal lagi.

Masa depan dalam Shaklee sangat sangat cerah. Sangat kukuh.


Dapur kami dulu. Kecil saja.


Ruang tamu rumah baru.


Dari ruang tamu akan bersambung dengan taman kecil. Kami cadang nak tambah lantai ‘decking’ disini dan tanam pokok bunga ros.


Ruang tamu bersambung dengan ruang makan. Hujung sekali, kami jadikan ruang menonton tv. Dari situ akan boleh keluar ke ‘backyard’.


Ruang ni kami akan tambah lantai ‘decking’ dan bumbung untuk keluarga datang bersantai.


Dari menyewa sebuah condo, akhirnya kami memiliki banglo 3 tingkat hanya selepas 1 tahun setengah buat bisnes Shaklee.


Impian tu percuma saja. Segalanya tidak mustahil dalam hidup ini.

Jadi kalau anda tertanya-tanya bisnes Shaklee ni padu ke tak, saya dah buktikan.

Dari seorang pegawai perubatan, menjadi Master coordinator Shaklee.

Hidup saya berubah dan saya sangat bahagia mempunyai masa yang fleksibel untuk saya uruskan anak-anak. Merekalah sumber kebahagiaan saya. 😊


2 puteri kesayanganku.


Gambar kami di Business leaders retreat anjuran Shaklee di Pullman Hotel Putrajaya.

Ok. Itu sahaja setakat ini. Esok Cip akan berkongsi lagi ye. Have a good day everyone.

Rumah impian

Kelebihan guna ID yg anda tak tahu..


Harini I nak share pengalaman deal dgn ID utk masuk rumah baru.

88C952B8-341D-4E28-BB7E-1126EEC66F87Cip dgn husband, kami beli sebuah rumah di satu kawasan elit beberapa bulan lepas.

Korang taukan kita akan dpt kunci rumah 2 bulan selepas kita byr deposit 10% dari total harga rumah yang kita beli tu.


67826C80-6FCB-4830-88AB-BF911E00A839Kalau rumah kita RM 500k, deposit kita RM 50k. Tapikan korang kalau pandai cari dari developer, ramai yg skrg ni zero downpayment tau. Sgt sgt untung. Plus.. ada mcm2 jenis diskaun yg sgt menguntungkan. Takpe takpe nanti I share mcm mana I go through that process k.

Harini I nak share ttg renovation rumah saja.

Personally, kami mmg nak guna khidmat ID sb nak blend in dgn konsep rumah tu sendiri. Syglah sb beli rumah mahal2 tp tak nampak cantik sb konsep ktrg caca merba. Kita nak masuk2 rumah tu terus rasa tenang dan kosong otak ni. Hilang segala keserabutan duniawi.

Rumahku syurgaku sangat.

Sebenarnya antara Interior designer dan kontraktor, bila I survey, lebih kurang saja or boleh jadi Id lebih murah dan sgt berbaloi.

Sebab harga contractor boleh jadi tinggi sebab mark up sb drg sub sub kpd contractor lain bergantung pada kepakaran masing2. Korang tau tak kontraktor yang buat plaster ceiling tak sama dgn yg buat built in furniture. Electrician juga org lain. Bila satu kontraktor pass kerja ke org lain, masing2 akan ada cas tambahan atas angin. Cthnya korang jumpa satu kontraktor ni dan dia sebenarnya buat dry work iaitu carpentry(kerja kayu), and korang byr duit kat dia. Dia akan cari kontraktor lain utk buat plaster ceiling dan dinding korang pulak. So dia sub ke org lain sb itu bukan kepakaran dia.

Bila kita guna ID pulak, ID yg akan uruskan duit bayaran kita dan drg byr ke kontraktor yang berbeza bergantung pada kerja masing2.

Kontraktor yg interior designer pilih pula adalah yg mmg trusted dan berkualiti demi menjaga reputasi company merekakan. Kat sini kita dah tak perlu risau kerja tak siap. Atau kena tipu. Atau buat cincai dan finishing sgt menyakitkan hati. Ataupun lambat siap kerja. Delay dan delay. Ramaikan terkena. Malaslah I nak fikir semuani. So senang saja. Hire professional terus. Biar drg yg deal.


ID pulak kita byr dia mcm mana? Actually cas ID tu tak termasuk dlm kerja pengubahsuaian. Cas Id kita byr utk consultation. Lebih kurang 6-8% dari harga kerja pengubahsuaian. Kalau buat 100k kerja tak sampai 10k la.


Maybe korang rasa mahalkan. Tapi kita tgk apa Id buat kat kita.


Pertama sekali drg tgk layout rumah kita. Drg yg lebih faham peta tu dan drg mula lukis pelan dan susun orientasi perabot. Cthnya katil sesuai dimana? Tv menghadap mana paling cantik. Kemudian drg akan tgk konsep architecture rumah kita tu. Nanti dia akan nasihatkan kita ikut kesesuaian design rumah tu tersendiri dan kawasan luar rumah.


Macam rumah I, modern dan dikelilingi green. Clubhouse yg Cip beli ni dia menang award tuk being most green dlm design. Mcm live with nature la gitu.

So, bila Id dtg tgk site, dia balik saja terus dia faham konsep yg kita tak nampak atau perasan. Kita dok fokus nak itu ini je design. Then dia ckp rumah Cip ni dah cantik. Enhance dgn correct Interior, terus lawa. Byk cermin utk kita enjoy view kehijauan.


Bila ID propose interior dia, wow!!


Rumah I actually konsep rumah Twilight korang!!

AB200DCF-2B42-493C-B777-CE0478495B4DMacam rumah dlm hutan gitu.😁

Dan sebenarnya I mmg suka konsep rumah twilight. Anything natural dan green mmg I suka. Sebab tu I jadi Master coordinator of Shaklee😎.

So lepas dpt design semua, ada lebih 10 area utk kami renovate. Ruang tgk tv sampai 3 area. Ruang tv utk family, utk anak dan movie room. Mcm suka sgt tgk tv org rumah ni. Padahal I xsempat tgk tv pun.

FB1F942F-CD61-4AFE-B001-BDDCF0D08D72Then, lepas Id tahu konsep yg terbaik utk rumah kita, drg mulalah buat MOOD BOARD. Mood board ni adalah cth2 design yg sesuai utk rumah kita. Masa nilah korang passkan smua design gambar2 yg korang google tu. Gambar diatas tu I google dan bagi kat ID.

Cip ambil masa sebulan utk research konsep Cip suka. Utk setiap ruang dlm rumah tu Cip buat 1 folder dan simpan. Cthnya folder kitchen. Kalau suka modern letaklah gambar2 kitchen modern. Kemudian nak kitchen island mcm manakan. Warna kitchen tu. Tiles background kicthen dan lantai.

Even compartment drawer pun Cip simpan gambar sb nak ID buat mcm tu. Nanti senang nak store mknn dan alat dapur. Teratur dan kemas. I suka mcm tu.


So, nanti ID akan propose design base on apa kita suka dan konsep kita suka. Tapi dia blend bagi sesuai dgn design rumah kita sendiri.

7AE437F1-8677-4364-BCBB-C91D9C3C6F50.jpegKemudian dia akan submit 3D drawing kat kita.

6675AA77-31A1-48F3-9F79-25E467AEB185Kalau ada korang nak ubah, dia akan ubah lagi sampai korang puas-hati. Proses ni depend berapa lama korang dgb ID buat. Mcm Kak cip ni sibuk selalu so I lambat. Lambat jumpa Id dan selalu delay. Jadi sebulanlah baru I finalizekan design tu. Semalam bru  Cip buat sb I dah free dan boleh fokus.

Sebenarnya design tu boleh siap lebih awal lagi kalau korang jenis nak cepat2.

Estimate kerja2 renovation Cip ni dlm 2 bulan paling lewat siaplah.

Basically harga sgt sgt berpatutan. I compare dgn beberapa rumah yg I melawat dan guna kontraktor. Harga kami sama saja cuma I buat jauh lebih byk. Dan effect ID tu sendiri wpun simple saja kita buat, rumah kita nampak wow dah.


Everything, ID akan deal dgn contractors. Dia akan request quotation dgn contractors dan base on bajet kitalah. Kalau bajet RM 50k  pun boleh saja. Tgklah berapa ruang kita nak buat dan apa material kita nak pakaikan. Jgn risau.

Lepas dah agree dgn harga, kita akan sign dan bayar 50% harga total renovation tu. Kemudian drg akan buat kerja2 membina tu di kilang. Lepas beberapa minggu, drg hantar ke rumah kita. Masa hantar tu, kita byr lagi 30%. Bila dah siap pasang, iaitu lagi sebulan utk tempoh memasang kabinet dan almari satu rumah. I think ni sb rumah Cip besar. Kalau condo takkan sebulankan. 2 minggu dah siap kot kan. Hehehe. Lepas dh pasang, kita byr lagi 15%.


Kemudian, sebulan lepas kerja dah siap, kita akan tgk utk defect. Kalau ada defect, contractor akan betulkan. Dah siap dan puas-hati, baru bayar lagi 5%. Tadaaa…

Semua kerja pemasangan dan ubahsuai tu akan dipantau oleh Id sendiri. So tak perlu kita hari2 pergi tgk dan belek elok ke tak. Sb kita tak pakar. ID sekali pandang dah tau kualiti bagus ke tak atau apa yg tak kena. Drg sendiri deal dgn contractor.

Jimat masa dan tak sakit kepala.

So overall, fees Id tu sgt berbaloi dan tak mahal pun. Tapi ada Id yg mahal sgt. Pandai-pandailah korang pilih ya.

10k bayar Id tu kalau silap pilib kontraktor, kita tetap bayar lebih dari 10k. Quotation yg diberi ni, menjadikan bajet kita fix dan tak perlu nak ada hidden cost lagi.


Proper planning kan sgt penting bila bab duit ni kan. I xsuka yg hidden ambush tu. Hehehe. I must be in control or my life turn into chaos. Ishk mcm OCD plak.


Ok so kalau korang decide nak beli rumah tu, dah submit loan, teruslah buat folder mood board tu siap2. Lepas dh byr deposit, terus survey Id dan dptkan quotation. Sblm dpt kunci dh boleh start kerja design dan built in dah. So lebih jimat masa.


Next post nanti I share lebih lanjut dan update progress k. TQ for reading😊

My ID FB Ija Juhari (AEB KL Sdn Bhd)

Company ni based in Doha, Qatar. Office Malaysia di Cyberjaya.

Anak-anak · Uncategorized




Harini Kak Cip mengantuk sangat. Dah 4 hari Noah demam panas dan ada flu.

Setiap 5-6 jam, Kak Cip kena pastikan Noah makan ubat demam atau masuk ubat buntut. Untuk kahak dan pernafasan, Kak Cip bagi sirup Ventolin.


Rumah Kak Cip memang macam farmasi. Ada segala jenis ubat yang penting. Sebagai parents, kita perlu standby ubat sirup allergik, demam, selesema, batuk, asma. Banyak kes anak-anak Kak Cip tetiba naik gegata satu badan. Tau tau kenapa.


Muka sampai bengkak. Terus Kak Cip bagi ubat alahan iaitu ubat selesema. Yang paling kita takut sebenarnya adalah alahan ini jadi terlampau teruk sampai anak kita tak boleh bernafas ,bronchospasm.


Jadi kes ni adalah kecemasan dan boleh membawa maut. Sebagai ibu bapa kita kena tahu tanda-tanda merbahaya yang mungkin anak kita alami.


Cthnya anak tak boleh bernafas, dada berbunyi wheezing, muka pucat dan kebiruan.

Sebelum jadi tanda-tanda diatas, kita dah kena tahu yang anak kita tak boleh bernafa. Perlu bantuan segera.


Kalau masa tu takde ubat. Baru nak start kereta nak pergi klinik. Memang tersangat merbahaya.


Semalam Kak Cip dan Noah tak boleh tidur.

Pagi ni Kak Cip tgk Noah mula ada wheezing. He is not getting better.

Day 4 masih fever.

I would start him on antibiotic right away.


Kak Cip ajak husband pergi bawa Noah jumpa doktor. Since Kak Cip pun doktor, Kak Cip mestilah nak doktor yang betul2 teliti saja untuk rawat anak-anak Kak Cip.


Bukan yang sempoi2 dan cepat habis. Tambah kalau Kak Cip tak agree dengan management dia. Lagi parah.


So Kak cip bawa pergi jumpa pakar peaditrik, Dr Hasmawati di Melawati.


Klinik ni ramai sangat orang tau. 2 jam Kak Cip tunggu.


Tapi doktor dia sangat cekap, professional dan baik. I have no complaint.


Dan memang betul macam Kak Cip diagnose Acute Bronchiolitis. Noah perlu ambil gas dan antibiotik.


Walaupun Noah kurus sket sejak 3 hari ni asyik muntah kahak, tapi berat timbang tadi 8kg. Mommy peliklah kalau Noah tak kurus, agaknya berapa berat baby ni?? Noah baru saja turn 5 months 3 days ago.


Dr Hasma buat sedikit suction melalui hidung Noah. Banyaklah mucus keluar. Sian baby mommy tak boleh nafas.


Examination, treatment and medicine cost RM 203.

Mula-mula nurse timbang Noah dan cek temperature.

Kemudian nurse letak cool fever kat dada dan belakanb Noah sebab temperature 38.6’C. Drg taknak masuk ubat lagi sebab nak tunggu Dr tgk.


Kemudian lepas 30 minit, nurse cek balik suhu Noah. 38.4 ‘C.


Turn Noah pun tiba. Dr Hasmawati cek pernafasan Noah yang memang laju (tachypnoe) dan ada (intercostal recession) berlekuk sedikit kat tulang rusuk Noah bila bernafas.


Masuk ubat buntut sup PCM 125 mg.

Dr Hasma buat suction sikit kat hidung Noah untuk keluarkan mucus yang pekat sebab Noah tak boleh nafas.

Noah p sedut gas.

Memang mengamuklah dia. Jenuh mommy bisik kat telinga Noah nak bagi relax. Rasanya berjayalah juga sebab Noah menangis kurang kuat.

Bukannya sakit pun. Tapi budak memang tak suka benda ni.

Lepas dah selesai, Dr auscultate paru-paru Noah. Improve sikit tapi masih berbunyi.


Yela, pegang Noah pun Kak Cip boleh rasa vibration tu.😪


Dr suruh Kak Cip pergi susukan Noah. Lepas tu Dr nak cek temperatur balik. Kalau tak turun, kena ambil darah dan Noah kena  refer hospital.


Maka sambil menyusu Noah tu mommy berdoalah Noah respond to pcm. Selalunya mmg Noah respond pun.


Lepas 30 minit, yeay!! Temperature 36.8’C.

Semuanya RM 203. Kak Cip rasa berbaloi dengan servis dia. Ubat ada 4 termasuk Augmentin (antibiotik yang mahal), Singulare dan 2 lagi dia repack so Kak Cip tak tau ubat apa. Label as ubat tekak dan selesema.


Sepanjang Noah sakit, Kak Cip memang susukan Noah extra. Susu ibu ni kaya dengan antibodi. Noah perlukan antibodi mommy untuk lawan virus yang menyerang.

Jadi ibu-ibu, pastikan ambil air yang banyak, banyakkan buah-buahan dan pastikan kualiti susu ibu tu terbaik. Jangan susu cair saja.


Kak Cip memang ambil suplemen Shaklee untuk milkbooster.


kak cip minum ESP untuk pekatkan susu. Bila susu Kak Cip cair, nanti bibik marah sebab susu cair. Dia tau Kak Cip malas bancuh ESP. Kalau susu cair, bibik cakap Noah akan restless . Sekejap saja dah habis minum. Lepas tu mengamuk sebab tak kenyang. Kalau susu pekat, Noah happy.

Boleh gitu rupanya no😅.


Noah tidur lama dan mommy super happy. Best sangat perasaan tgk anak tidur kekenyangan dengan susu kitakan.😊


Alfalfa Kak Cip ambil untuk meriahkan susu sebab anak Kak Cip memang KUAT MENYUSU!! Anak lelaki sorang ni memang berbeza dengan anak perempuan. Kuat gila dia menyusu. Kak Cip memang kena ambil Alfalfa. Kalau tidak, susu tak cukup. Ambil ni sekali pam dapat penuh. Best sangat👍🏻


Korang doa-doakanlah putera kesayangan Kak Cip ni cepat sembuh ya.


Kalau ada yang nak beli suplemen untuk tambah susu, boleh wasap Kak Cip


Master celebration Shaklee



Bersawang betul blog ni. 😪

Busy busy busy.

Sebenarnya Kak Cip nak share betapa tak sabarnya Kak Cip untuk Master Celebration Shaklee nanti. Event ni adalah untuk meraikan mereka yang mencapai rank tertinggi dalam Shaklee.

Yang bestnya, sambutan ni untuk Kak Cip dan Master dibawah Kak Cip sendiri iaitu Master Syaheera Young Rockie.

Maka sibuklah Kak Cip nak cari designer baju untuk event ni. Takkan nak pakai cincai2 kan. Sebenarnya Kak Cip tak suka/sangat sangat avoid majlis macam ni. Sejak naik jadi Master Shaklee ni, tak dapat nak elakkan event bisnes. So Kak Cip akan cuba hadir.

Tapi kalini event untuk kami berdua dari team RYG yang Kak Cip tubuhkan 2 tahun yang lalu. Jadi wajiblah datangkan.

Selepas pencarian yang gigih, finally Kak Cip pilih designer Wajie Ibrahim. Untuk buat dress special untuk Master celebration pada 16 December ni.

Wajie Ibrahim ni duduk di Johor. Kebetulan masa PA Kak Cip contact Wajie, beliau akan datang area rumah Kak Cip ni untuk ukur Sharifah Shahirah dan Syarifah Sakinah. Kebetulan rumah Kak Cip memang area situ juga so dia singgah. Tak perlulah Kak Cip nak pergi butik beliau di Damansara.

Kak Cip tgk design Wajie ni cantik dan kemas. Plusssss dia boleh buat walaupun short notice. Bayangkan sebulan setengah saja dari tempoh event tu, baru Kak Cip nak tempah. Selalu sangat last minit tau.

Harga baju Wajie ni okla lagi berbanding Rizman dan Rizalman. Affordable lagi. Kak Cip punya dress RM 2000++. Guna Italian silk yang banyak supaya beralun.

Kak Cip kept it simple saja. Clean cut. Tapi princess look.


Macam Princess Kate punya cutting cuma tanpa lace dan sesuai untuk bertudunglah. Hehe kang pelik plak pakai tudung tapi tangan takde gitu😂.


Inspired by Kate.

Nak pastikan dress ni flowy gitu, designer perlu guna banyak kain. Jadi harganya naik sediki sebab kain tu 1 meter RM 130. Takpelah Kak Cip fikir sebab sekali-sekala. Takde dah diraikan untuk Master Celebration lepas ni kan.

Best jadi Master Coordinator Shaklee ni. Ok tak sabar nak tunggu hari istimewa ni. Sangat mendebarkan sebab pihak Shaklee terpaksa tukar dewan yang lebih besar selepas rsvp team RYG dan tetamu lain.

Nanti Kak Cip share location k. Semua orang boleh hadir sebenarnya. Kalau korang berminat nak kenal Kak Cip lebih lanjut dan nak tahu rahsia Kak Cip buat bisnes Shaklee ni dalam masa setahun dah boleh naik jadi Master coordinator Shaklee, korang dijemput hadir.

Cuma sekarang Kak Cip tengah cari MUA pulak!!! Susah juga nak jumpa MUA yang available ni eh. Nak mekap sendiri Kak Cip tak reti dan takde kelengkapan pun.

Lipstick, bedak dan blusher 1 jenis. 😂

Yang penting, Kak Cip kena nampak flawless dihari istimewa ni. Macam bersanding baliklah kan?😂


Kalau nak flawless….


Setiap hari Kak Cip amalkan Vivix. Cuba teka umur Kak Cip berapa??

32 tahun❤️❤️.

Ok nanti Kak Cip share pasal MUA pulak k. Bye😘



Last week Cip buat Lasik.Sebenarnya dah lama saya nak buat Lasik ni iaitu masa menagndung lagi. Tapi memandangkan mengandung tak sesuai untuk buat Lasik sebab penglihatan kita berubah kerana hormon menjadikan ia tidak tepat dan stabil, jadi saya postpone dulu.

Selepas berpantang, Cip buat appointment dengan Advance Vision Damansara. Tempat ni tersangatlah popular sebab murah!! Bayangkan buat Lasik untuk RM 2000 plus saja. Murah sangat berbanding tempat lain. Servis juga tip top. Apa lagi nak tunggukan.


So, hari yang appointment tu, saya pergi. Ramainya orang. Tapi drg sangat pantas. Duduk 15 minit, dah dipanggil untuk cek penglihatan dulu. Saya dipanggil ke satu bilik, then satu bilik lagi. Ada 2 bilik untuk cek mata ni. Mulanya untuk tahu power mata kita dan satu lagi untuk ukur ketebalan cornea. Takde prosedur yang menyakitkan pun. Hanya melalui mesin saja. Senang.


Then, saya disuruh tunggu diluar sekejap. Selepas 10 minit, datang seorang wanita yang menerangkan tentang prosedur. Ada 2 prosedur yang kita boleh lakukan untuk correct vision ni, iaitu Lasik dan trans PRK.

Beza kedua ini adalah prosedurnya. Lasik lebih susah dilakukan dari trans PRK tapi recovery Lasik tersangat cepat. Lepas sehari dah tak sakit mata lagi dan penglihatan akan segera nampak jelas.

Trans PRK pulak, prosedur lebih mudah, less scary tapi 3 hari sakit mata dan tak selesa. Penglihatan juga selepas 3 hari baru jelas.


Jadi korang rasa CIp pilih yang mana?



Lasiklah!! SEbab Cip kena cepat recover. Tak dapeklah nak tunggu 3 hari baru boleh buat kerja wehh..


Sehari sebelum Lasik, drg akan cek mata kita lagi sekali.


The next day, kita datang dengan suami atau teman sebab kita tak boleh drive after prosedur. Prosedur hanya dilakukan pada hari Jumaat sahaja. So memang ramai gila orang. Sejam saya tunggu que. Agak nervous sebenarnya.

Bila masuk dalam bilik prosedur, baring atas prosedur table, ishhhkk seram juga ni.

Mula sekali, Dr Wong titiskan air dalam mata. Kemudian, kelopak mata atas dan bawah kita dikenakan macam selitep untuk tak boleh tutup mata.

Next, speculum besi kecil dimasukkan dalam soket mata supaya mata kita tak bergerak2 semasa prosedur.


Ok agak tak selesa masa nak masukkan ni tapi tak susah pun so sekejap sajalah.

Then, pertama sekali Dr akan buat flap. Like satu potongan sket, untuk create satu pintu nak masuk ke dalam mata.

Then, Dr Wong letakkan macam ring atas mata kita. Ini agak tak selesa. Yelah letak atas mata, mana ada benda selesa. Tapi sebenarnya tak sakit sebab drg dah titis ubat bius dalam mata ni 2x sebelum start.

Lepas letak ring tu, kita bau laser dah. zeeetttttt zeeetttttt.




Dr Wong ni sangat gentle dan soothing. Sepanjang prosedur tu, dia akan dok bagitahu dia sekarang buat apa dan cuba calmkan Cip. Cip tersangatlah takut sampai rasa nak suh dr stop saja. Hahahahaha. Tapi Cip duk diam sambil tangan genggam meja bedah tu. Sebab kita awake. Kalau dapat general anesthesia barulah best. Takdelah aku tau segalanya yang berlaku ini.

Dr Wong tegur yang Cip tersangat diam. Tidur ke pengsan ke. hahahahaa.


Ada ni ha doktor. Dok genggam meja ni.

Selepas 4 minit dah siap satu mata. Buat mata lagi satu. Setel. Cuci mata. Siap.


Trans PRK pulak tak perlu buat flap tu. Dr Wong remove first layer depan mata tu dan terus laser. Cepat dan lagi kurang step. Tak takut sangat. Tapi recoveryla dok rasa burning sensation kat mata tu.

So Cip pilih Lasik. Balik tu, mata memang berair dan dah tak perlu pakai spect lagi.

ESok tu bangun pagi dah takde merah mata atau berair. Vision pun dah almost 100% nampak. Best sangat.


Tapi tangan ni selalu konfius macam nak buka spect tapi rupanya tak pakai spect.


Sebab sebelumni kalau nak tidokan buka spect. Berpuluh tahun dah buat habit nk buka spect tu. Tetiba takde spect pulak. Termalu saja.

Untuk recovery, Cip amalkan Carotomax yang kaya dengan vitamin A untuk mata dan Vivix. Dua ni bagus untuk kesihatan mata. Yang penting penjagaan selepas prosedur ini perlu teliti supaya tiada jangkitan kuman/virus yang mengakibatkan komplikasi.

So kalau korang nak buat Lasik, korang google saja Advance Vision. Drg ada website dia. Boleh buat appointment melalui web tu. Nanti drg contact u.

Lokasi dia di sebelah Wondermilk.


Selamat tak rabun lagi ye.


How hard it is to be a businesswoman?

It is 11.30 p.m. I am the only one awake in the house. I can hear the snore coming from my husband. Kids are asleep. I have just finished listing out everything I need to address tomorrow in our morning meeting.

I try to be organize eventhough I think most of the time, my thoughts are all jumble up like a bundle of clothes. There are so much that run into my mind and they are too fast. Even I cannot catch up with them.


I just came back from business growth workshop. It opened up my mind to see how far that I can go. I believe my company can grow bigger and the value is going to be 3x more.

As I sit on my desk, analyzing where we are in the market, who we are and our current position… where we are going..


I think there are so much space for me to improve, to touch, to explore in order for us to excel.


We have hit 1.7 millions sale in a month and I am driving us towards 2 millions sale per month. I am aiming for it to happen within 3 months insyaAllah. It is not easy but I believe in myself.


It is not easy to reach this stage even. But I managed within just a year and 10 months of venturing into business.


We have a great team of dedicated leaders and distributors. We are professionals bunch who have passion in building more in life.


Being a business people means you are willing to sacrifice your time in order to achive your dream.

That is why I am still awake. I have just finished scrutinizing my business position. It is important to know where you are at so that you know how long it will take for your to reach your target (where you want to go). With this pace, how long will it take you?


Are there anything that you can change and improve to grow faster?


You need to ask yourself that.


Business for me is not difficult but it is not easy as well. It is not impossible if you are willing to work hard and be consistent and persistent.


Most people failed at the 3 points above.


They want to be rich and successful but they are not willing to be consistent at working hard, and they cannot be persistent to pursue their dreams.

That is the hardest part in business. To handle yourself. Because you are your biggest obstacle to be successful.


If you can pass that. If you can overcome your attitude and all, everything else will come easy.



I personally think that it is worth it. I dun think anyone can give you FREEDOM other than yourself. I work hard for a few years so that I will be free for the rest of my life. You are actually working for your future, not for your present.


Businessman builds something so big so that it will provide a huge steady income to support him for the rest of his life.

And that is what you should do.

If you think that business suits you and you wish to fulfill your dream, but you don’t know anything about business, you have no capital even…


You are welcome to join my team Rich Young Group. We are Shaklee distributors with 5-6 figures income per month. You only need RM 80 to start your business. Free online and offline coaching by me.

Follow FB page Master Hasifah RYG. It is a new page that I have just started, to share free business tips. Hope it will help you too.