Welcome to my new domain.

I have encountered too much problem in the old blog http://www.mommysheefa.blogspot.com that I have decided to create a new blog.

This will be a new chapter of me. Afterall I am living a new chapter of life.

I promise to share a piece of my life regularly here.

No matter how busy I get, I will try my best.

There is so much that I wanted to share with you that I haven’t shared after lagging in blogging for so long.

I am just going to share what is close to my heart and something that makes me smile.

I remember the old days when I have never dreamt of owning anything nice at all.

I mean, I took a peep on those luxurious things but well they were not life and death important in my life. There is kids tuition, nurseries, mortgage and life expenses. But deep inside me, I made a wish that if one day when I can afford everything, and be able to save my earning to the extent that I have nothing else to do with the money, then I am worthy of an expensive handbag.

I know people can afford the bag easily. For me having to pay so much for  a handbag and having left only 10k in a saving is not an intelligent idea for me. It is just me.

I believe in building my family economy more than anything. Buying a luxurious handbag and making more credit card debts you can’t afford is a bad idea as well.

You know what I mean right?

When I buy those bags, it means I really can afford them. They are for me and my satisfaction. Not for others. They meant I have made it to another step.

So one day in last year, I finally could afford an LV.

I asked my husband to take me to The Garden.

I walked into LV boutique. A well dressed man approached me.

And walla I made a purchase for Delightful LV.

My husband rolled his eyes at the price.

My first bag is a symbol of my own achievement. So it must be purchased by me. Not a gift.

Since I was in a good mood, I offered to buy him an LV belt which he turned down after learning about the price.

Not so clever…

As I walked out from the boutique, holding this giant orange paperbag in my hand and another hand holding my husband’s hand, I was a little chatty and giddy.


I told him about this young girl who was so positive in life. She was in medical school and she loved fashion. She loved tabloids too. hahaha. I was really upto date on Hollywoods and the it girl. Now no more. Life kicked in. Who has the time right?

Anyway, I was so sure that I could afford these beautiful things that I have been following relentlessly. Afterall I was going to become one of the blue collar profession right?Don’t they say ‘jadi doktor kaya’?

And then reality happened. So no bag. Couldn’t afford it. So yes people, dun be a doctor just to be rich but do it because of passion. Whatever work that we want to do, we must find passion.

Not that I am saying I left the profession because I couldn’t be rich.

It was just I found my passion elsewhere. That’s all.

So back to my story. I told hubby that one day when I could afford this bag, it means I made it to another step of my life. Managing to buy a Beemer never made me feel giddy like this. Because you see, car was not part of that young girl dream.

Bags were part of it.

So there it was a dream of a young girl and she worked really hard for her life. She deserved a little gift and another gift later on(rolled eyes).


This bag is smaller but it fits my collagen so I am satisfied. Well I love it!!!


But my point is, to never forget your dream. Go chase it. Make it happen. Nothing beats the feelings of making your dream comes true. Yes!!It is the best feelings ever. Graduating med school never felt this way for me. I guess that was a question of passion again.

So I wish you luck in every dream that you have.

And I’ll see you again soon. Bye.

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