Confinement don’t!!

Today is my 40th day of confinement. I really can’t wait to be free, to do whatever I want again without thinking whether this will burden my system.

I am so used to being active that confinement really is super boring. Though I am not that strict like most ladies but I do limit myself like cannot window shopping because that would means walking too much. I need to go to Ikea too and Ikea means long walk.

During pregnancy, the gaps between your joints expanded a little bit to support your expanding figure. During confinement, the joints are still weak. That is why our ancestors told us to rest, not walk so much, to avoid stairs etc. It is to let the joints rest and not too overburden them during this recovery period. Or you will have joints pain especially at the ankles and knees. You might need to stop wearing heels afterwards temporary.

Food wise I avoid those gassy food and oily . Being bloated in confinement is just the worst feelings ever. You will have headache, might vomit and feel pain at the epigastric area of your abdomen. That is why it is best to avoid ‘lemang’ and ‘ketupat’ during the festive holidays. I didn’t have even a bite.

I like to insert a lot of salad and tomatoes with rice to keep my nutrients complete.

Some people say to avoid certain vegetables as they are believed to be cold food. I personally think that my body is always too warm so cold vegetables will be warmed by my blood circulation as soon as I swallow them. Hehehe.

But well nobody follow my ways anyway. This is for me as I know my body and understands it. And I eat seafood, prawns in confinement. No itchiness at all. Patients used to ask me for a list of food to avoid after surgery. They would specifically asked if they should avoid eggs and prawns as they might cause itchiness.

Then I would ask if they have allergies to those food?

They denied allergies.

If you don’t have allergies, why would you suddenly develop skin itchiness after surgery???

Surgery doesn’t cause non-existing allergies to suddenly pop.

So yeah no need to avoid those food. As a matter of fact, eating eggs is very good for wound healing as it is rich with protein. Protein is super important for healing. Some people go on a strict pantang to the extend the wound didn’t heal well enough.

The most important thing is to eat healthy. To balance your diet. This is to ensure that your body and your baby get all the vitamins and minerals needed to function.


Which means you need to eat carbohydrates (rice)->for energy

, protein (fish, eggs, chicken, meat)–>to make cells, for wound, immunity to keep you from having infections (fever)

a little bit of vegetables fat–>to adsorb some vitamins and for hormones

vegetables and fruits for vitamins and minerals–>immunity, for beautiful skin, thick hair, healthy nails and health overall.

dairy products are important as well as they provide calcium.


Pregnant mom has supplied calcium throughout the pregnancy to the fetus and during confinement, she should continue to make sure her calcium intake is enough which is 1000mg per day. Imagine after 10 months of supplying calcium to her fetus and she has not been taking enough calcium, her bone will start to deteriorate. PLus during confinement, she is not taking enough calcium and breastfeeding for 2 years.


She will start having all kinds of problems later on.

Drinking milk alone is not enough to supply 1000 mg per day.

That is why if people really think about the importance of all these nutrients for their body and their babies, they will plan their meals more and more than just sticking to 1 type of food everyday.

Try to change the menu everyday. If you are in confinement, try to eat healthy other than eating anchovies (ikan bilis) with rice or ikan kering only because those meals are not balanced diet and lack of nutrients. A mother’s breastmilk contains the food that she eats. Therefore, it is very important for a mother to choose healthy food, enriched with nutrients to supply for her baby’s growth.

As much as we respect the eldest ways, try to balance with the knowledge of science since knowledge has been upgraded since years ago.

But still there are certain truth in the old ways such as rest, keep your body warm, gassy food to avoid, not to lift heavy and etc.

And for me I love bertungku, massages and it is compulsory for me to use corsets or girdle during this whole period. Like I said, I balanced the old ways with the science.


This is my 3rd pantang and the 2nd pantang with supplements from Shaklee.


I use the supplements for pregnancy throughout my whole pregnancy. I could feel the different before taking them and after.


I did feel energized and painless during the whole 10 months. No backpain, no fatigue and I was in a great mood since I could continue with my daily routine as usual.


I didn’t feel pregnant at all. I even went to Japan at 5 months pregnant.


I was super active attending long hours seminars and carrying out daily business plus chasing my active 1 year old plus kid.



I believe the complete nutrients I supplied to my body everyday during the whole pregnancy helped my labour. I was in a great condition when labour kicked in. It was fast and easy. Right after delivery, I was still energized.


I could continue breastfeeding the whole night and only slept for 2 hours. It didn’t feel like I just gave birth at all.

The next day, my parents came to visit and they watched my pink complexion and commented how I didn’t look like somebody who just gave birth.


That was the same sentence everybody who visited me during confinement said.

I was at home during confinement but active and painless. My wound recovered fast and it was painless as well. Milk was a lot. Other than the fact that I cannot start jogging right away, I don’t really feel like I am in confinement.


So personally, I believe that taking enough nutrients is super important for health.

It is like supplying good quality of petrol to your car. Imagine running out of petrol while driving?Disaster.


So lets stay healthy everyone.


Lots of love, Cip. If you need more infos on the supplements that I am taking, you can wasap me at 012-340 0780.

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