Good morning.

It has been a busy week. I finally have some free time to write again.

Monday and Tuesday, we were supposed to be sending Camelia, our 2nd born to a playschool. However due to business workshop for 2 full days, we had to postpone it to today.

We have been meaning to send her to playschool for awhile. I believe that it will help her develop social skill, speech and motor skills as well.


It didn’t take me long to survey. There are many playschool here near my place.

My older child is attending Q-dees but they don’t accept 2 years old. So we went to Real kids but they started accepting 3 years old and above. The last one in Cyberjaya had First Tots. Isabella attended First Tots programmes in Real kids Cyberjaya at the age of 1 year 6 months. But this particular branch only start at 3 years old. I think Real kids is good as they are properly run, clean and well structured. Ever 2 children have 1 teacher.

So we went to Brainy Bunch. However the branch near the neighbourhood is quite run down and thus didn’t look clean enough for me. PLusssss they have only 1 teacher in charge of 8 kids from 2-3 years old group. I can’t imagine that. And the truth is that didn’t comply with JKM rules, 1 teacher for 3 children for the 2 years old. This rule is for the safety of our children. How do I know?I actually attended the course by JKM. The Permata course hehehe.

I am not sure about the other Brainy Bunch. Perhaps, different branches are different. It was kind of a bump though to see the one near my house like this. I had to look again.


I finally remembered this international Preschool nearby. So, we went to check it out. It was huge, pretty and a little bit costly.

RM 900 per month for full day.

Registration is almost RM 3000. Since Camelia seems to be fitting well at first impression, we decided to go with this.

What I love about it is that, it is clean, homely and it separates the kids properly. Since the school is in a big 3 storey bungalow, the kids are well separated in different classes and floors. Thus, the house is quiet and peaceful. I like that peaceful environment. It has a huge swimming pool as well. I feel like attending this school for myself. It looks super fun.

Plus 1 teacher takes care of 2 kids of 2 years old. Ok now mommy can breath again.

It is English medium and the food is prepared by the teachers. I only supply her bag with diapers and a set of clothes. When asked if she has an allergy, husband said that she cannot stay in a hot place as she becomes red and develop rashes. This child is such a high maintenance tauuu. Thank God for Herbal blend cream. I need to apply this organic cream daily. It keeps her skin soft and clear. Nasib baik cream Shaklee ni murah. The last time I was using the organic cream from Buds.. It was expensive!! Cepat habis plak tu sebab sapu sehari 5x. Jenuh CAP duit ler..


It is just 3 days of trial until 12.30 p.m. We only have to pay RM 200 for 3 days of trial. Let see how it goes. hehehe.


Hopefully Camelia didn’t cry. This is our first time leaving her with strangers. Sigh…

Ok, got to go. I have a spa appointment today. Need to refresh myself. By the way, today is my 3rd day post pantang. Need to pamper myself now. Bye.

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