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Do u know how hard it is to start exercising after u stopped for so long??

It is breaking the bad habit itu yg susah.

That long months of pregnancy and having large appetite and being immobile. Suddenly u gained 15kg and u need to loose it!!

And u never gained that much in ur usual days.

Imagine nak loose 15kg when u were never a fat person.

Tgk angka pun rasa mcm give up aih.Banyak gilaaa ni!! Penatnya nak turun.

Dulu setakat naik 3-5kg max tu alahai. Diet pun turun.


After anak sorang


This time no!! My metabolism hates me. U can go to black hole stupid metabolism.

Okay why is ones metabolism becoming slow??

First of all because age factor. U r not that young.


After anak 2 org…


Second of all because u have not been active for so long. So ur metabolism went down and down. Metabolism reacts to ur daily activity.
The more active u r the more calories u burn. So metabolism needs to supply u with energy. Thus the combustion increased.

When u work by sitting down or lying down all the time, there is only ur brain that actively working. Yes, thinking needs energy but that is the only thing that is actively moving.

Ur whole big skeletal muscles are resting well. Sedapnyaaaa..

So ur body knows that u dun need that much energy. Thus, metabolism can slow down. Rest metabolism. U just rest.

Exercising early in the morning can kick up ur metabolism for 10% more for the rest of the day.

Does diet really works? Yaaa. But that depends.

Like my husband commented that I don’t eat that much. He ate more.

So if I diet, that will be like starving.

I eat rice very little and only during lunch time. Suku suku separuhla katakan.


After anak 3!!!


But yes, what I need is to kick up metabolism. Which means, move my butt to exercise.

Owhh bencinyaaaa nk start balik.

Set detox pun I tak konsisten. Masa anak kedua, I tak diet pun. Hanya ambik set detox dan soend 30 minutes cycling stationery bije like 3x in a week. In 3 months, I got my pre baby bod back.

This time, I dun even take detox set consistently. My whole schedule is haywire.

It feels like I am somebody who has a new bad life routine and I have to change it.

From a thin person to fat person. And from that fat person to change to becoming thin is like someone who has to start something new in her life.

It is like someone starting a business. Benda baru. Thats why ppl who start business, 80% will quit. They cannot be consistent. Because consistent needs discipline.

So, dun worry when u quit because that is the formula. Majority will say they want to succeed in business and become rich. But they only say it. They cannot live it.

And that is why fat people stay fat. When a fat people need to lose weight, it is like them starting a business.

Might as well they do business. Duit pun dapat. Maknanya they r doing a difficult thing but not impossible.

It just need you to be discipline and toughen up.

But still, being fat is dangerous. It can kill you. It is something u should fight to change. It is ur live and u have to control ur live.

I do admire mommies who make time to workout. Amazing!!! It takes discipline to be consistent in working out.

First, let me summon the gym junkie old Cip. U have to come and save this lazy butt Cip. U won’t recognize her anymore. She is so lazy that it is amazing that u n her used to be one person.

She used to wake up at 6 am and run around city of Volgograd 10km per day. And continue walking to main campus just to burn extra calorie. She must be crazy!! And went to the gym right after class.

Having only 1 day off every week.

These days, gym sebelah rumah je weh. Tak pergi2. Lalu dan bai bai je. Bongok betul.

Shame on u. Kalau u kena serangan jantung, jgn ckp u tak tahu. 😠

Omg I mcm ada multiple personalities pulak. Crazy women.

I think I have gone crazy.

But today, will be a start for this crazy women (I spoke like I have many persons inside me) to take charge of her life in term of living a healthy life.

Slap me now.

And that is the reason why I cannot be pregnant again. This 3rd time, I had no motivation to lose weight at all. Not like previous 2. Jap je dh kurus ni.

So if 4th baby, I might die being overweight. So no 4th baby for me.

Cukup2lah rezeki anak 3😂


Gonna share with u guys here my fitness and skinny journey.


Between u and me, hubby and I have passed 2 tickets to US in July fully sponsored by Shaklee Malaysia. We just came back from Mediterranean cruise last September. It was super exciting. Only the 2 of us honeymooning. It was luxurious. I will share with u all about it in another post. Told u I have so much stories to tell.


Anyway, I told hubby, I dun want to go to US looking fat. I won’t look stylish. Since US is in my bucket list, I should look my best.


Make sense or not my reason to lose weight? Hahaha. Well, a reason is a reason. As long as it  motivates u to change, just go for it💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻.


Alright, c u guys in the next post.

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