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Benda yang ibu mengandung tak sedar…

Hello everyone,

I just wanna share with you guys my only boy’s photo. He is my golden boy. That is what I call him.F8898CA3-D823-4486-95F0-1A78DCBD8CF3

Since he was born, I have decided that my family is enough. So, mommy doesn’t have to become pregnant again.

Pregnant with him was super smooth. The easiest!! Pheww.


Not much morning sickness like the previous 2.  I wasn’t that fussy with food. Atleast I could eat or smell meat and chicken being cooked. As for the previous 2, I could only eat vegetables as the smell of meat being cooked made me threw up.

I think it is very IMPORTANT for pregnant mom to take good care of her health first and foremost. As always, we are the caretaker for the whole family.


Being pregnant never slow us down from being mommy.

Thus, pregnant mom can get super exhausted fast. Being exhausted has nothing to do with being ‘manja’.

It is a sign that your body needs rest. Your child is growing and your body needs energy to support his growth.

You should listen to your body. It demands calories and healthy food. It needs more nutritions to support baby’s growth.

I personally suggest that pregnant mom supplements wisely.


With us being super busy and superwomen, we  need the optimum nutritions to keep us energetic. Exhausted mom could mean you just don’t get enough nutritions. Your hb could be low because lack of iron, vitamin C, folic acid in your daily food.


Siapalah nak makan daging banyak2. Nak makan kekacang banyak2? I know I dun. Nak makan setiap hari pulak tu. Uwekkk😩.


Sebab tulah badan kita jadi kurang iron. Jadi anemic. Jadi cepat letih.


Jadi letih ni bukan bermaksud kita manja tau. You don’t have to blame yourself and push yourself too hard. What you need is to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST. Take care of your baby. Supplement yourself with good quality prenatal supplements.


When I was pregnant with my first child, I thought my daily nutritions were enough. I didn’t take extra supplements except from the clinic for my hb. I became tired and more depressed. With work, work and work.


I was working as a doctor in Selayang Hospital.


With night shift and all, I kept vomiting during Icu round. Depressing!!!

Super tiring.

But I hate pills.

My specialist/boss, suggested for me to take omega-3-fatty acid which is good for baby’s brain development and eyesight.

Then, I started taking neurogain which I bought in pharmacy. It was expensive and lasted for a month. Mahal nak mampuih!!


Tapi hanyir gilaa. I muntah lepas ambik. I terpaksa tutup hidung bila nak telan. Tapi demi baby, I paksa juga.

First pregnancy was a trauma. Because I refused to try Shaklee prenatal set. Eventhough so many of my friends who are doctors, suggested Shaklee prenatal set. They took during their pregnancy. I was stubborn. I thought it was a waste of my money. Kedekutnya!!


Untuk diri pun kedekut. Untuk anak pulak tu. Apadaa!! Shame on me!!


Anyway, second pregnancy was worse!!!

I cannot tahan with night cramps yg jadi lebih byk sb I tak ckup kalsium. Padahal minum susu hari2. Tak cukup kalsium lagike??

Masa tu I tried Ostematrix and ESP. Beli dari Dr Maryam. Told u doktor ramai ambil Shaklee. Kawan I ni dah makan Shaklee masa tu more than 3 years. I nak try sb tak tahan sgt dah dgn kepenatan masa tu. So I trust when she said she took prenatal set and was happy with the result.

So I started taking ESP for energy and ostematrix for calcium.

Alhamdulillah, after second night, no more legs cramp. I was so happy with the result.


I had no more that fatigue and exhaustion. I was cheerful again. I could perform at work. Takdelah nampak macam manja ke letih ke. Atau mengada-ngada. Hanya org yg faham saja akan faham penatnya mengandung ni tau. Bukan mengada tau. Tapi memang penat. So bila korang penat, janganlah biarkan saja. I suggest sangat uoll ambil ESP dan ostematrix semasa pregnant.

Selepas I ambil set prenatal masa mengandung anak kedua tu, I happy gilee!! I tak rasa macam pregnant tau. I felt more energetic than before pregnant. That is the power of good supplements.

So mommies out there, I wish to educate women about good nutritions and health. It is so important but many people still are not aware of the benefits of supplements when you don’t get good food everyday.

Noah is my last child. My golden boy. He is so big that he looks like a 3 year old but he is just 1 year and 4 months. He could walk at 12 months and he didn’t just walk. He ran!!! Dia takde tatih2. Dia terus lari at 12 months. And the next month, he started climbing and swinging. Hahahahaa. He is super strong. You don’t want to wrestle with him or get kicked by him. This guy is like MMA wannabe.

Strong legs and strong punch. Not sure about his future but looks like he is not the soft type despite his super fair skin.


Anak-anak I alhamdulillah kulit cerah. I think sebab I minum ESP banyak sangat masa mengandung.

Kakak saja kuning langsat sikit. Masa tu belum ambil Shaklee lagi. But its ok. I love her all the same despite the skin tone😉. They are all the same too me. Beautiful and precious.



Noah my 3rd child with Chenta Kamelia my second child.


We just bought cars for them to play.



Kat Chow kit banyak gila kedai kereta dan basikal. Murah gilaa!!! Korang tgk kedai lain mahal nak mampuih kereta2 ni. Tapi kat Chow kit kurang RM 200-300 jugak tau. Nasib baiklah tak beli kat tempat lain.


If you guys wish to try Prenatal set Shaklee, please contact me and I will help you until no more exhaustion in pregnancy. I’ve been there and it helped me in all pregnancy afterwards.

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