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Making big money in online business

Being a leader means u have to have so much love for everyone.

Kadang-kadang Cip rasa frust dan sedih….

Bila I rasa I tak cukup menyampaikan.


Seminar Master of the Game RYG.

As much as I do, I buat seminar, I buat regular meeting untuk ajar org2 baru dan leaders2 besar, I rasa ramai sgt RYG yg I tak kenal dan tak dpt kenal.

But deep inside me I always say,’Ni kalau I ajar ni, boleh hit ni!!!’


Seminar master of the game RYG

I see potential in people. But they don’t see it. I see because I have experiences and I have talents.

I see everything.

I can customize u punya marketinf style which is unique for you.

Tapi I am a human who has limitations.
And benda tu buat saya rasa frust.

Ramainya yang perlu saya bantu.


Seminar Master of the game RYG

One thing for sure, kalau anda tak cari saya, saya lagi tak kenal anda.

U have a choice and u have opportunities.

And everytime Cip akan buka pintu rumah untuk RYG dtg belajar dgn Cip depan2.

It is something I do to help people personally.

I cannot give u money but I can help u earn big buck!! Change ur lives. Live ur dreams.

But if u dun take the opportunities to come and see me, I cannot help u.

Semalam, Cip buka rumah Cip lagi dan I get to meet so many new faces yg I tak kenal.

And I ajar drg from 0.

Basically mereka ni belum leaders so I started from core and foundations.

And I sumpah drg berjaya dalam bisnes Shaklee. If only they understand how much I really want them to succeed.

Seperti seorang cikgu nak melihat anak murid masuk uni.



I just want to see my people make it in this business. Then start seeing their lives change one by one. The cars changed and bought bigger houses. That gives me satisfaction.

This is my journey and my goals.

And this is what I do. I inspire people to chase their dream through Shaklee’s business and I teach them.

If you want to change your life too, come and join RYG. Be part of our Shaklee’s family.

Zaman sekarang ni kerja makin susah. Ramai org diberhentikan kerja. Kos hidup tinggi. Gaji tak naik-naik. Inilah masanya anda ubah nasib anda. Masanya adalah sekarang. Kalau bukan sekarang, bila lagi??


Jom join team saya Ryg.

Daftar ahli RM 75 sahaja. Tak perlu modal dan stock. Tak tahu berniaga, saya boleh ajar.

Nak beli buku saya?


Peniaga online tolong jangan buat kesilapan ini. Ini buku fizikal tau bukan ebook. RM 35 sahaja. Tak termasuk postage. 200 kuka surat. Ramai dah baca dan sgt mengujakan.


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You do not know where life will take you…

Touch up kitchen work is going on…..

Making a home is a process.


Harini kontraktor wood work datang measure untuk buat pintu kayu louvres.

After survey we finally found someone to do our woodwork with good price. Read cheap price, uhuk uhuk but good work.

We have been looking for somebody to go to for all woodwork.

You know somebody that when you decide to build a cabinet and he can do it well without breaking the bank.

F38FD0C9-402F-4971-BE85-44ECFE0B1045.pngActually most work has been done. This is just a few additions such as home office with pantry, bathroom vanity for second floor. That will be where people go to for touch up. We decided to upgrade the look.

We talked more this time with D since this is our second meeting. Husband told him that he used to live in one of the kg in Gombak when he was little.

And Dean said from there to here. Wow!!

So husband said that we started from below too. Everyone does. It is part of the business journey. But with business, life can go very far.

He said that he and wife used to drive around this area to see houses.

We said, we did too.

So I added,’everything start with a dream. Looking at beautiful houses spark your dream. From there, you will set a target. And you will work so hard to do the impossible. So driving around to see beautiful house is a great start. We started from there too’.

When I started this business I didn’t think I could have this life. I was just doing business to earn a good money while working a flexible time.

Basically what I wanted was to switch a job from being a busy doctor to another job which pays as much but I get to stay with kids at home.

That was my target. It had nothing to do with buying a villa. People do things to keep a living. It was a choice at that time to meet month end.

It wasn’t to be well off and so on.

But life is full of surprises.

You don’t have to be born on a silver platter to change your life. But u have to have the right attitude. You have to be willing to work hard and sacrifice somethings to achieve that dream.

You have to be stubborn enough to root for yourself even when nobody stand with you.

You must believe in your dream before anyone starts believing in it.

With that iron spirit, anything is possible in life. It is the most magical thing about life.

It is unpredictable.

It response to hardwork and smartwork.

So work hard. Learn new things. Ask questions.

Believe in your dream.